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Rest assured, this isn't one of "those" things, and if you give us the opportunity, we'll prove to you the funds we've identified are yours. Give us a call and let us show you what our research has uncovered.

There is over $50 billion in unclaimed money and assets in the United States! Let us help you locate and claim your lost funds. Call us Or Fill out Our Claim Form

Imperial-Funds Recovery.org representatives audit government agencies throughout the country, digging through their public records in search of lost, missing, and unclaimed funds belonging to private citizens.

If you’ve received a letter, postcard, or telephone call from our organization, it’s because we’ve located funds we believe belong to you. 

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a small, independently-run firm that provides a service For our clients


Jeff D recovered $100,000

“Imperial Funds is a great group of people. They helped me recover some lost funds, Mary George is very helpful and straight forward. 😊 4 Star Operation!!”

Joy S recovered $11,000

“Mary is Amazing. I was hesitant at first to even call, but so happy I did. Mary put my concerns to rest and followed through on everything she promised.”

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