I am so glad I trusted Mary. She was considerate, understanding and went out of her way to contact me. If you have any doubts, don’t. You will be happy that you put your trust in her.
Angie B
Dallas, Texas
Refund: $27,450
I was in total disbelief when Mary called to tell me the government “owed me a refund”. I had no idea the money was there, and I didn’t know they could keep it forever if I didn’t do something. Mary explained the process, had the notary to my house the next day to sign the paperwork, provided updates throughout, and 2 ½ months later a check arrived in my mailbox for $32,357.45.
Frank G
Cleveland, Ohio
Refund: $32,357.45.
BELIEVE IT, it’s true. I was sooooo skeptical, thought it was a total scam. Without Mary’s persistence, her honesty, and immediate attention, the government would have kept $223,000 of my money. I’ll forever be grateful!!
Jack P
Fort Worth, Texas
Refund: $223,000
Working with Mary was a refreshing experience. She made a promise and kept her words. When she told me she would file my claim with minimal paperwork, honestly, I just said okay, I guess because of how polite she was, but I still had my doubts. Not only did she keep her promise, she went above and beyond to take care of other documents I needed to make the claim go as planned. She never asked for money, she told me: “No, Lee I’m trying to give you money”. I would definitely recommend her and her team, and would work with her anytime.
Lee K
Dallas, Texas
Refund: $47,200
Mary tried to contact me via phone calls, letters and emails. I finally gained the courage to listen to her voicemails. Mary sounded so nice and genuine. I’m so happy I decided to return her phone call. Mary was very patient and made it clear right away that she did not want to make me uncomfortable. She educated me on the process and always remained approachable. The process was very quick and not only did I not have to pay anything, I received the money which helped me with my current financial nightmare and has lifted SO much weight off of my shoulders. Mary George is amazing!
Cheryl R
Austin, Texas
Refund: $53,000.
Mary’s personal touch and open communication, and ability to deliver sets her apart. She was persistent in seeking me out. I couldn’t be more thankful; she was my Angel is disguise.
Marco P
Austin, Texas
Refund: $65,000.

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